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Ghelfi’s Extensible and Foldable Workbench makes integral part of the equipment needed to professionally process big or huge porcelain tiles on the building site.

Built on an extruded aluminum profiles armature, Ghelfi’s Extensible and Foldable Workbench is inherently lightweight, undeformable and immune to rust. It proves invaluable supporting multiple processes on medium, big and huge format porcelain tiles such as cutting, boring, mitreing, or simpler adhesive spreading.

Featuring standard dimensions 180 x 58cm, a built-in sliding system allows the user to extends its width up to 98 cm in seconds when needed.

When even wider slabs are involved it is of course possible to deploy more Workbenches one next to the other and – depending on case by case convenience – fixing one to another by means of appropiate separately available accessories.

Different from most previous generation simlar third party systems, Ghelfi’s Workbench is rapidly foldable at the end of the day. Once folded it reaches a truly compact size (180 x 58 x h10 cm) which makes it very easly transportable and stockable.